Health Without Harm

Ending Animal Testing of Natural Products

“A country or civilization is judged by the way it treats its animals.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Our Natural Business and Healing Communities are based on the foundation:

  • Animal-Based Testing of Natural Ingredients Significantly Increased
  • Increase Due to Marketing & Competition – Not Safety Issues
  • Under DSHEA Animal-based research is not Adequate Substantiation
  • Valid Testing Alternatives exist and can be Developed
  • Opportunity for Cruelty-Free Program similar to Cosmetics

BeyondThe 3 Rs

The USA and EU have ‘adopted’ but not fully instituted changes known as The 3 R’s: Replace, Reduce & Refine Animal-Based Testing. A step in the right direction that falls short of protecting animals from harm. Our Natural Business and Healing Communities can be pivotal in the movement for change.

REPLACE: Yes. Replace animal studies with non-animal methods including: Human Clinical / Patient Studies, Epidemiology, In Vitro Cell, Ethnomedical / Traditional Use, Autopsies/Biopsies, Post-Marketing Surveillance, Moulage / SIM, & Tissue Cultures

REFINE: Refining to be less damaging and painful to animals is not enough.

REDUCE: Not enough; Eliminate all animal-based testing of natural products.


If we don’t do something, who will????